Tuesday, 21 July 2009

The Godfather: Mario Puzo

Godfather-Novel-Cover In my review of the film HERE I expressed disappointment. I didn’t really get it, the film seemed overlong and disparate. I can honestly forgive Coppola for this having read the book and firmly believe that when I view the Godfather again I will have a totally different experience.

My main gripe with the movie was the essentially unlikeable nature of the characters and my inability to understand and sympathise with their actions. The book is a wholly different in nature, the characters lovingly crafted and the tone wonderfully set. Another thing that cripples the film in my view is the lack of timeframe to refer to and where the book specifies a passage of time the film does not. The source material is also no entirely chronological, taking events back to illustrate a point or better explain a motivation. It isn’t highbrow, it borders almost in the realms of pulp but Mario Puzo truly did write a masterpiece of fiction.

Once I came to grips with the source one thing became apparent. The Godfather movie is based on a fantastic book. Coppola was a brave man to take it on and the movies popularity has repaid that bravery. I cant say that this will make me love the film, I will always consider any novel superior to a movie adaptation but it does allow me to APPRECIATE it more and in that I consider the job done.

Paul out…and off to make his bones.

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