Monday, 29 June 2009

Moonwalker (1988)

In 1988 Michael Jackson was truly huge. Bad was flying out of the shops and Michael had hit a point where it was difficult to see where to go next as there was no more room in up! Idea: make a film, after all many of the videos up to now had been almost that anyway.


Moonwalker is overblown, narcissistic and barely plotted. Its an extended music video showcasing Michael in all his idiosyncratic glory… and that's why its fantastic.

To me Moonwalker seems to be an excellent look into the Jackson psyche he is shown as childlike, with children as friends but then strangely sexual, this being the major issue that sparked the sex abuse accusations. But here it really does seem innocent and I cant help but think that it really was. As a father I love kids, I play with kids and damnit I have slept with kids its a natural thing. If i didn't have any but was friends with some would i? Probably. Am I sexual? Definitely. With kids? Never. Anyway, we are here for the film, not the controversy so what have we got.

Moonwalker really kicks off with an anthology of Michaels life bringing you all the way from the early years and up to the 1988 Jackson, kicking into Speed Demon. The film pretty much is a string of music videos with the obviously standout one being Smooth Criminal which is truly stunning.


Flaws? Thousands of them. Michael is no actor, he indulges in dancing and shouting in overly long intercut scenes right in the middle of songs. Joe Pesci has a faceful of well chewed scenery on every appearance but you know what? I don’t care. As a testament to Michaels life Moonwalker is truly outstanding and who better to tell the story of your life then yourself.


This is the Jacko I will be remembering. Arrogant but strangely approachable, still handsome and an amazing mover. This is Michael before the media hounded him, his “friends” turned on him and controversy corralled him into a downward spiral. Maybe his comeback would have been triumphant, or maybe it would have been like Elvis in his Vegas years. Truly a testament to a legend. Watch it and remember Michael as he truly was, I will never forgive the media for destroying him.

Paul Out… and hoping Michael Moonwalked through the Pearly Gates.

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