Saturday, 20 June 2009

Lego Batman Wii

Now you could well be forgiven for spotting a large Bandwagon with Travellers Tales games firmly jumping upon it. Hot on the heels of Lego Indiana Jones we now have Lego Batman. More of the same then?

Well no. While not of the calibre of Star Wars I found Batman to be quite refreshing. It is based firmly in the world of Comics with the music of Danny Elfman from the 90s Bat films. Like Indiana you generally play with the set characters of Batman and Robin gaining new abilities through the use of suit changers. This allows for rather more variety then the “Whip it” action of Indiana Jones. Content wise there initially seems to be very little within the game with only three chapters to play with 5 levels in each. This expands once a chapter is completed with access being granted to Arkham Asylum where you can then play as villains. Giving an interesting new slant on previously played levels, new routes and new actions.

Also receiving a overhaul are driving levels. We now have vehicles back that were missing from Indy and the game is quite fun, these however where the most cryptic to play and felt at odds with the rest of the game.

The main gripe with Lego Batman is still the content. It has nowhere near the depth that Lego Star Wars had (not surprising given that it was two games) but also misses some of the great things from the previous adventures with the collection of golden blocks being a very notable omission. On the plus side the really cryptic puzzles seem to have gone and the game is far easier to just stroll through. On the negative side the game is just far too easy to stroll through.

A fun game that is more polished, better looking and generally more enjoyable then Indiana Jones but still feeling slim on content compared to the gills packed Star Wars.

Paul Out…and bricking it!

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