Sunday, 21 June 2009

Garbage: Garbage

I was sitting watching The Sarah Conner Chronicles a few days ago and I got me to thinking just how good Shirley Mansons previous life as lead singer of Garbage was. They hit the scene in 1993 with their debut album simply title Garbage hitting in 1995.

The album kicks of the the sultry track “Supervixen” alternating between Mansons almost moaned verses and the screaming guitars of the interstices rocking the relatively simple song along. The payload is delivered in the final section with the words “Bow down to me”… we will.

Then we get into the very well known “Queer” which is almost Oasislike in its sneery tone. Its interesting to listen to but lacks a strong hook. That not to say it isn't a great track but I cant pin down why it is! The centre verse “You can touch me if you want” is a great overlaid section and works well to break up an essentially simple song.

Next is my 8 year olds favourite song. Maybe I have an emo growing there. “I’m only happy when it rains” readers of my blog will know about my delectation for angsty music. This is no exception and is a rollicking good listen. Good taste Jess.

We then get rather more poppy with another excellent and mainly lyric based track “As heaven is wide” like a lot of garbage shallow when it comes to real depth but seemingly with a meaning of its own. Well worth a listen.

“Not my Idea” is probably one of my least favourite songs on the entire album. Its repetitive and really doesn't have much going for it once we leave the leave the verse and enter the chorus. Unfortunately the verses are good and let down by these weak sections.

We then get to stroke of luck.Its a fantastic soulful song with a thumping slow baseline and Manson sounding as sultry as ever. It suffers from Blue Monday Syndrome however with the title seemingly unrelated to the track. You may have heard it as “Devils Claws”.

Then we are into “Vow” which launches with such passion its impossible to not be swept along by it. The use of stereo is also something utilised brilliantly with this some discombobulating the listener by bouncing around madly between your ears. Undoubtedly the best song on the album.

Stupid Girl will be the best known track from the early years of Garbage with it being used on many soundtracks both movie and TV. Its OK but like a lot of the standout work on this album flawed by repetitiveness.

How many times I am going to say this in this review I don't know but AGAIN “Dog New Tricks” is almost the start of a brilliant song. It quickly becomes repetitive like so many on this album.

“My Lovers Box” is another great track, its thoughtful and swings so well between quiet vocals and balls out loud singing and guitar work. Something Garbage do oh so well.

Second best track on the Album is “Fix me Now” again it utilises Garbages ability to turn on a dime from thoughtful to loud. This is one of the few tracks on the Album that seems to have a real message.

Then we close with an indication that Garbage are not all about guitars and loudness, Milk is quiet, thoughtful, truly wonderful and a lovely close to a conflicted 1st album.

Garbage is a great album to listen to passively. If you don't mind the real noticeable lack of progression in some of the track it make great background music. In my eyes the greatest flaw seems to be that the tracks, on occasion, seem to have been rushed. The more polished songs in the collection like Vow, Milk and I’m only happy when it Rains really do shine as bright as the northern star. The weaker tracks are just that, weak. There are no true dogs in the mix however and for that I would say that Garbage is a must have album for the gems in the not so rough.

Paul out…being red hot kitchen?

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