Sunday, 28 June 2009

Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigalo (1999)

Oddly on this watching i was actually rather disappointed with this one, odd because on the first viewing I thought it was excellent. I thing that the problem comes from the fact that Deuce is played by Rob Schneider and he is simply damn annoying. All that aside there are some scenes that are very funny. Standing out are:

  • Tourettes girl
  • Narcolepsy Girl
  • Pond Snails :D

Failing that all DB:MG does for me now is pass the time. Maybe once the shine wears off on the originality of his situation then the tarnish can start to show and in some places this film is rather tarnished. I think at the heart of everything is the rather insulting conceit that a wonderfully sexy, intelligent and vivacious blonde will be single if she has a wooden leg. As a hot blooded male who would have boffed her into the 25th century I find it rather insulting that we would be thought to be so shallow.vlcsnap-1207456

Here's the Snails


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