Thursday, 4 June 2009

Creepshow (1982)

Creepshow is a horror anthology much in the vein of the later CATS EYE however it is far more rough and ready and is even more loosely connected then its successor. My first surprise with Creepshow was its director, I knew it was written by Stephen King but the director being Zombie genius George Romero entirely slipped me by.

The film revolves around 5 stories and a overarching comic book theme with the start being a boys father disposing of his “disgusting” horror comic.

Fathers Day

Story one is really not a great introduction. We trundle through some truly awful acting and camped up behaviour, it is saved at the last minute by the appearence of an excellent zombie intent on getting his “Fathers day cake” . The story ends with a twist, in more ways then one.PDVD_019

The Lonesome Death of Jordy Verrill

Here is Mr King himself showing why in later films he restricted himself to a cameo. In honesty he does do the bumpkin role very well… maybe too well. The story is a nice simple one that essentially tells the tale of a slightly more possible alien invasion. (here's a clue, the original story was called weeds)PDVD_021

Something to Tide You Over

This a nice little tale with Frank Drebin playing a wronged husband with a great line of stylish revenge. This one is harrowing for someone like me. Claustrophic and with a fear of water… Sadly it does fail a bit when more zombies arrive.PDVD_023

The Crate

As with most of these this is another nice simple story. In latter years this short story would have been spun out for an entire 2 hrs so it is nice to see it as a vignette. It revolves around the finding of a crate containing a horrific secret and a desperate husbands insane plane to dispose of his nagging wife.PDVD_034

They're Creeping Up on You!

This is probably the gem of the film, it is a fantastic story about a hygiene obsessed magnate. Cleverly it ramps up the hatred level by showing what a true arsehole Mr Pratt is. His comeuppance when it happens is truly cringe worthy and will make the strongest viewer suppress a little shudder.PDVD_037

We then return to the family of the comic hating dad. Our little boy (Stephen Kings son incidentally) gets his revenge on his TV dad.

Creepshow initially looks poorly produced. It appears rough and ready but this is seemingly more a directors vision then a lack or values. Once you accept this the film is a visual treat. The comic motif all falls into place and we have what is essentially a very fun film. Watchable and enjoyable… not a classic but fun nonetheless.

Paul Out…checking for bugs…

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