Friday, 12 June 2009

Can Openers and the March of Technology

The tin can was invented in 1810 by a British inventor Peter Durand who sold his patent and in 1813 the first tinned goods were produced for the British Army. These were sealed with lead solder and often could lead to lead poisoning however the benefits of being able to preserve foods (for arctic missions etc) outweighed this risk in many minds.

Originally cans were opened using rocks or knives and it was only after 50 years of use and thinner cans that the dedicated can opener began development. This was due to the thinner nature of the cans at this time and once aluminium cans became common they progressed through many designs.

Now with the dry academic intro out of the way here is the crux of my post.


This is shit Yes, the pinnacle of handheld can opener technology now seems to be the Butterfly grip, rotating wheel type. The one that just slips gears and completely fails to do anything at all. Even the older style non wheel butterfly type still seen to do sod all nowadays.This is shit as well I often find myself falling back on my reserve can opener.

It’s called a penknife!There's the kiddySurely I can’t be the only one struggling to find a decent can opener? I don’t count electric can openers as such, they are like using a gas barbeque. What’s the point?

Paul Out.

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