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Amy Macdonald: This is the Life

Amy Macdonald is undoubtedly the next big thing to come from Scotland. Her 2007 album “This is the Life” is outstanding. It is almost entirely written by the artist and was released when she was just 19!

So we should expect a girly popette then?

No, not at all, listen to the samples below and you will find that Amy has the most outstanding voice way beyond her years.

We start the album with “Mr Rock and Roll” which is almost country and Western in its style. It sounds almost folksy but listen to the lyrics and you will see Amy's underlying youth shining through. Its a rollicking good party tune to boot.

The we hit the titular track “This is The Life”, receiving oodles of airplay on Radio 2 this is the track that introduced me to Amy. Again it is complex, tunefully and lyrically brilliant. A brilliant track and second in a row is often a bad sign for an album often leading to the chaff. This isn’t true of Amy's work.

We then hit “Poison Prince” another great track sounding old but really being young (an unusual conflict in music) it starts differently but once it kicks in at points sounds like its predecessors. It is rather more poppy in tone however and again Amy's lyrics are fantastic.

What can I say about “Youth of Today” the song is slow, well written, soulful. Truly sending a message about youths attitude to age. Oh and by the way written by Amy at the age of 15! This song alone convinces me that we have a true talent here, someone who will eclipse the Winehouses of the world and really dominate the pop world. I hope.

“Run” not to be confused with the same titled Snow Patrol track is another fantastic track full of meaning and power. Whenever I listen to Amys music I have to remind myself truly how young she really is. She seems to have lived more life then I have. Who said you had to experience life to write about it? “I will run, until there's nothing more, to live for”

“Lets Start a Band” is a departure from the all out tracks seen thus far with an almost continental feel to it, there are horns and an acoustic strum backing the intelligent lyrics. Then it suddenly kicks off…and is over! An odd track but a great fun one.

“Barrowland Ballroom” starts with a party beat that if it was played on bottles and ukes would be almost a hoe-down. It is a brilliant track missing cultures seamlessly, one moment it could be cockney or perhaps Irish. Overall its simply a song about people having a hella truckload of fun!

“L.A.” is a rarity on the Album as it was co-written by Pete Wilkinson. Oddly this is the song that I like the least on the entire album being very simple in structure and seems forced lyrically. Of all the track this is the one that looks to have seen the use of a big rhyming dictionary. Still every album has a dog and for me this is it. So swiftly onto..

“I wish for Something More” is another song in the vein of “Lets Start a Band” in hat it changes tone suddenly, however you don't need to wait for the payoff in this track as the rowdy part is the chorus. A great track to start the rounding off of a brilliant album.

“We then hit the rather odd “Footballers Wife” which is a rather strange diatribe on WAGS. Until you consider that Amy is exactly that. Then it falls into place. I’m guessing Amy is rather outcast in those circles.

We then round off the album with the perfect closer “The Road to Home”. With the minimum of accompaniment you get to hear Amys beautiful voice in all its lilting glory.

This is one of my favourite albums and will be for a very very long time. I will be watching Amys output with extreme interest.


The album has the obligatory hidden track. In this case being Amys excellent rendition of the 1979 Dougie McLean song.

Paul Out…

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