Monday, 25 May 2009

“Washing machines live longer with Condoms”

Having lived and breathed on the Internet for a good 10 years now (56K to 20meg man and boy) I thought I had encountered every possible perversity on the planet. I even managed to come across balloon porn (apparently there is skill in timing when you “pop”). Recently however I noticed a few cross linked videos on my youtube channel that were simply downright odd.

I have had a silly little clip of a Carebear in a toy washer for as long as i can remember but it now seems that some closet perverts are using YouTube for their own depraved ends. Here is the original original clip.

All very innocent. The linked videos are rather odd however.

The comments are rather bizarre also with gems such as

can you make a video of it drying? and

These machines are complete beasts!My remember my mom having the simpler one which had 1100rpm and no variable temp controll... My Auntie had one of these though it didn't last very long... probably because she crammed it that full it barely turned. Silly lady!!

It has a four star rating and 7.5K views. For a washing machine. Washing! Surely that's just a glitch, right? It HAS to be a glitch.

Ladies and gentlemen I give you Bosch washer Spinning out. 4.5 rated with 76K views.

Choice quotes

Tremendous. I've got a Bosch, but it doesn't go as fast as this. Mine tops out at 1,000rpm. Be great if you could post a video of your machine doing a woollens cycle...

Sweetness! I'm sold! The acceleration 1000 to 1200 is what got me

Surely it cant get any worse, good god SURELY.

Nope we have commentaries too.

What is wrong with these people. The only reason I can see for such devotion, such passion, such joy is sex. It must be sex. There are men worldwide jerking off at watching “nice sudsy rinses”. I wondered if there was anything in it so decided… I would make my own.

That was oddly enjoyable. I will let you know what comments I get!

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