Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Swine Flu Special

As we are obviously not about to enter a dark age of death and misery and more a sort of slightly dull age of possible snuffles no worse then the common cold I think it is time for a Swine Flu Special full of all the bad joke, poor photoshops and ropy humour our friend “The Internet” can provide.

  • Does Kermit consider Swine Flu an STD?

  • I rang the swine Flu helpline but I only got crackling
  • I think I’ve got swine flu, I’m coming out in these rashers

  • A man is driving to work when his car runs out of fuel and sputters to a halt, he rings his wife and tears her off a strip “I thought you were going to fill the car”, “What do you mean scared?”, “That's MEXICO not TEXACO you daft cow!”
  • Its the Aporkalypse

  • Its OK if you get Swine Flu. The government has plenty of Oinkment.

I will leave you with this…

Paul Out. (But I may return with a review later…)

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