Monday, 4 May 2009

Stumbleupon (or how i spend so long on the net)

People often say to me, “why is it you are so sexy?” and “Would you like to go to bed with me?” They also say “How do you spend so much time on the net without going insane?”. To which I reply I know, no I will get swine flu and I AM insane respectively. However the secret to spending so much time on the web is a little site called Stumbleupon.


Now Stumbleupon is a very simple concept. You basically create an account and put into the preferences the kind of things you are interested in. Then you hit the big green STUMBLE button. Behold the internet. If you like it thumb it up, if you don't thumb it down. If you want to see more STUMBLE.


That's a very basic view of course. If you use Firefox or Internet Explorer 7 or 8 (WHYYYYYYY) you can also download a toolbar which helps your stumble quest. Until recently Chrome, Opera and Safari users were left out of the fun but now you can join in with the fun using the fairly new Java in browser bar. It’s not as powerful but does mean you can keep your favourite browser.


If you are of a more, kaff kaff, adventurous nature then you can set your account to X-rated. This allows you to STUMBLE some of the more interesting goodies the net has to offer (I’m talking about porn, keep up).

Stumbleupon is one of the most useful sites out there right now and a real way to get past that “I cant find anything interesting” moment that all web surfers reach and of course when you do find a gem you can share the goodness with the thumbs up button.

I’m Crowlord on there, an x-rated stumbler so goodie two shoes are out of luck! However feel free to add me as a friend if you prefer life wild and we will explore the net…together.

Paul out.

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