Wednesday, 27 May 2009

The Stand Part 4

We start the final stretch with Stu, Larry, Glen and Ralph heading off on their journey to Vegas. This is an emotional departure, nobody is likely to return, there is no plan and no aim,just to work Gods will.PDVD_019

Nadine and Harold are also heading for Vegas, Flagg has finished with Harold so his part in our story is at an end. We also meet up with The Judge again who doesn't make it to join Flaggs people, Flagg knew all along that there were spies, only he wanted to know who the third “M O O N” spy is. He evades his eye.The others are not so lucky.PDVD_022

Along the way one does indeed fall from our group of four and Larrys denial of their need to leave Stu by the roadside is truly brilliant and his absolute distress at having to do what no man ever wants to it excellently portrayed. We never leave a fallen comrade.PDVD_039Perhaps God does have a plan however for Flaggs empire is crumbling and his own people are helping its demise. Perhaps the correct positioning of avatars will work Gods will. Even if they do defeat Flagg how will the human race continue. Will the children live? PDVD_036The Stand is a beautiful miniseries with a true feeling of power and majesty. Compared to the book it is miniscule and insignificant but in the same way that the Sun reflecting in a pool is a distillation of its majesty. Watch this but for heavens sake also read the book. You wont regret a word of it.

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