Monday, 18 May 2009

The Stand: Part 3

So here we go into the always difficult 3rd act. Most of our gang are now in place and the remainder are soon to reach Boulder. We have another mystery appearance of an otherwise important character in the Judge and you get the feeling that you really are starting to skip through this story.

Get your damn hands off my woman

Mother Abigail is fantastic again, Nadine Cross is awful!

I wont dwell on this episode too long or I will have nothing to say about the finale. Lets just say that although the content would lead you to believe it is a slowing down of the storyline it is quite often the opposite. There is more mention of Flagg and his crucifixions and a look at his people, people that are not much different than you and I. Yes you could well have ended up on his side. We also see the creation of democracy (of a kind) in Boulder with the creation of the 7 member Boulder Free Zone Committee comprising of Nick, Ralph, Larry, Stu, Fran, Susan and Glen (see I said Ralph and Sues introduction was rushed).

Lord I need a lower bed.

A massive loss hits the community on the very night the committee is elected, Mother Abigail, believing she has sinned in her pride leaves, alone, to walk the wilderness. Life must go on and to this end the committee decide to send “scouts” to see what the Walkin’ Dude is up to and the (un)lucky three are The Judge, Tom Cullen and Dayna Jurgens who are sent to spy on the productive and organised community in Vegas. (Again the story is hampered by the poor introduction that 66% of these have had).


No sooner are these on their way however when another massive event hits our heroes, two snakes in the grass, on of which has been taken to the bosom of the community strike out.


Mother Abigail returns and give them the news. It’s not about getting the power on and building a community. Its time to make our Stand, no more delaying, no prevarication. It is Gods will that four of our heroes leave into the wilderness, one will fall by the wayside and the others will encounter Flagg. Will they remain true. Time will tell, it always does.


Paul Out.

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