Tuesday, 19 May 2009

One Eyed Monster (2008)

Warning: The following review is for a film about a disembodied killer phallus. If you are at all offended by that sort of this may I suggest my other blog HERE

Ok now they have gone, yes its true the basic premise (very basic) behind One Eyed Monster is exactly that. Ron Jeremys penis is possessed and runs rampant killing in lots… well a few, innovative… well penetrative, ways.

The film actually sets up really well, we have Ron and his often co-star Victoria Heart acting rather well for porn stars. They are in the mountains for a porn shoot which Ron bemoans as being not the industry it used to be.

vlcsnap-1792125Then Ron is hit by an alien “thing” and his penis soon takes on a life of its own.

The film is well shot, well acted and marginally funny and I think that's where the main problem lies. As a premise for a skit the animated penis idea is nice. For a full length film it soon becomes neither threatening (I have one myself and its never scared me!) or continues to stay funny. The strengths comedy wise are more in the script then the visual gags and there are a few nice lines but nothing truly special.vlcsnap-1809882Essentially its a film about a killer dildo, effects are achieved by using a dildo and jokes aside all the film really does is passes some time. As neither a Horror or a Comedy I find it hard to think why I would recommend this one but oddly I do. Maybe its the ever so sweet Amber Benson (Tara: Buffy the Vampire Slayer) or the surprisingly good acting in such a cheesy feast. Its certainly not the horror and the comedy is not laugh out loud but something about this film is redeeming so take a look. You may just like what you see.vlcsnap-1840417

Paul Out.

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