Friday, 1 May 2009

Nights: Journey of Dreams (Wii)

Nights looks great, it throws you in with a nice CGI sequence setting up the gameplay nicely. I was up an running with the odd controls quite quickly and playing as a lad called Will who can “assimilate” with NiGHTS a jester like character to fly through levels.

The game follows this rough formula.

  1. Watch a long cutscene
  2. Play a short while as Will or Helen
  3. Assimilate with NiGHTS
  4. Race several courses flying against a time limit
  5. Fight a Boss
  6. Next Cutscene

Oddly this is where it fails. In my borderline ADHD case (as far as games are concerned anyway) catastrophically. Fail any of the steps above and you literally go back to step one. You are forced to watch the cutscene, play the level, fight the boss, fail, begin again. This is one of the biggest game annoyances ever. Want to save? Complete the level. Power cut? Start again (watching the cut scenes of course)

I hate to pan a game I have played so little of but I have no impetus to put the game back in my Wii. In fact the biggest urge I have right now is to put it back in the post and that is a shame. Especially as the flaws are so simple and easily repaired.

Sorry but it is thumbs down for this one from me.

Paul out.

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