Tuesday, 16 March 2010

The great Hayfever Conspiracy

Republishing this one...its that time of year and time to re-iterate DO NOT PAY THROUGH THE NOSE FOR ALLERGY TABLETS. Tesco Citirizine is now 7p a tablet... as opposed to 49p for Zirtek.

I have suffered seasonal hayfever for years now, enough to make summer a misery and struggled for ages to find something that worked as an antihistamine. Nasal sprays were semi-effective but very uncomfortable. Then I heard about Zirtek one a day. I tried them and they were fantastic. They deserved to be for £3 per 7. (about 43p EACH) so i decided to soldier on with the sprays and the sneezes.
A few years later my good woman asked the pharmacist for recommendations and he suggested Citirizine Hydrochloride at about £3.50 for 30 (about 11p each) these worked brilliantly, compared to the Zirtek the effects were identical and they were nearly 1/4 of the price. zirtek_allergy_tablets_1840The story doesn't end there. One day out of curiosity I looked at the Zirtek packet to find out what the active ingredient was. Guess what? Citirizine Hydrochloride. Every time a Hayfever sufferer buys Zirtek or Benedryl one a day they are paying nearly 30p a tablet for the pretty box and name.
It still doesn't end there. Another popular tablet is Clarityn which retails from Tescos at 2.99 for 7 (43p each again)> you may say its a different product, well it is. Its Loratadine. The exact same stuff as in the Tesco Non-Drowsy Hayfever tablets at … 80p for 7 (11p each)
We hear all the time that non branded meds are cheaper then branded but I never considered it being by a factor of 4!65ce_2The bottom line is that I take a hayfever tablet every day for around 5 months a year. 150 days at 43p a day is £64.50. At 11p its £16.50. I save £48 a year by simply ignoring the flashy boxes on the shelves and asking for the product direct.
So next time you hit the hayfever season give it a try. Instead of Zirtek or Benadryl ask the pharmacist for Cetirizine and if you normally use Clarityn ask for Loratadine. Your pockets will love you for it.
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