Friday, 15 May 2009

From Russia With Love

I completely screwed up this viewing of From Russia With Love miscalculating the free time I had. No sooner did Bond board the Orient Express then my wife (I call her Mrs Killjoy) reminded me to leave for work! Hopefully I can remember my pithy observations however.


We have a far more traditional pre-credits sequence for this second film in the Bond series Projected light onto a belly dancing women seems rather odd but becomes clear later in the context of the film. The tradition of the “Theme tune” is not quite there yet also. Matt Monroes excellent song is missing and replaced with a fully orchestral version. This is not all lost however as we do get to hear it within the film itself. PDVD_008


We see the return of Sylvia Trench pretty much playing “random totty” and the brilliant Lois Maxwell as the oh so sexy Moneypenny (how could 007 resist?) but the real Bond Girl for the film is played by Daniella Bianchi. She is pretty certainly, sexy… decidedly but for some reason lacking an oomph factor. The plot of falling in love with Bond during the course of what essentially is a mission is also glossed other with her basically being his from day one.PDVD_001


This is another fairly light on the gadgets outing. There is a very nice garrotte watch employed by the Assassin Red Grant and an excellent standard issue briefcase ably explained by the sorely missed Desmond Llewellyn, playing Major Boothroyd from Q division rather then the latterly ubiquitous Q.PDVD_012


Oddly enough only the two in this film but they are both doozies. There is a Helicopter vs. Truck chase that would have been rather shorter had spectre thought to issue guns to their henchmen and an excellent boat chase, something which Bond excel's in. The effects for these are great with loads of big red explosions, leapinfg burning henchmen and bangs. The back projection is also far more effective (enough so that i am not wholly convinced that it all was). PDVD_007

Total Bondage

This film is the epitome of Connerys Bond. We have shady organisations. The mysterious cat stroking “Number 1”, evil Russian Rosa Klebb the genius tactician Kronstein and an insane plot by Spectre to steal a Lector decoder, sell it back to the Russians, cause both East and West to fight against each other in previously stable areas AND discredit and kill one of their greatest thorn. The man that killed the previous Number 2 or Dr. No. None other then British secret agent 007 James Bond.PDVD_004

A few niggles as always, the character of Romanova really doesn't spark with me and please stop filming with bloody great shadows and contrast and expect us to believe it is night-time. That aside, a great film and a brilliant Bond Film.

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