Thursday, 21 May 2009


There not actually that much that scares me. I have an odd fear of water and drowning making swimming a bit of a trial for me (but boating strangely exhilarating!) and I’m not overly keen on spiders but I do have one very real fear. As wih most fears it is irrational and falls into phobia territory but is actual and strangely common.


Here is an image from my Badge collection:

DSCF1001 Most people will look at this and see a Jolly man with a nice round belly grinning ad promising joy and japes ahead. I see a fakely grinning avatar of pure and uninhibited evil ready to tear out my entrails, blow up my colon like a balloon and make a lovely giraffe or maybe a poodle from it.

You see Clowns are scary, I’m not a loon that screams at the sighting of a circus poster, don't get me wrong, but a simple image like that does have the odd power to make me uneasy.


Look at this fella, he’s soo happy and nice. But is he? Look at the eyes. Its all an act. He wants to wear my liver as a hat I tell you.

Of course clowns sometimes are scary, this fella looks nice doesnt he?

gacyThat’s my friend Pogo the Clown. Better known as John Wayne Gacy murderer of at least 33 boys and men. Most of which were kept under his house! (more on HIM HERE)

Of course our friend the media knows all about clowns and how inherantly scary they are. There are a myriad of scary clowns out there such as:

nightmares444 Xanders clown from Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

killer The Killer Klowns from Outer Space.

Culture Shock - The Joker-thumbthe-jokerpreviously-cesar-romerojoker-20060316115128406_640w16The Joker in his many forms.

Of course the king of all clowns is Pennywise from Stephen Kings: IT. Scary in a book and goddamn scary as Tim Curry!1081_IT_Pennywise_800x600

All this fear has made me hungry. What's for lunch?



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