Friday, 29 May 2009

Coraline 2nd Look

I am very much a watch it once and spew a review type person, mainly because the joy of a movie is often in the first seeing. Rather unusually I have just seen Coraline again, this time with 3 kids in tow and I thought it would be interesting to update my previous review with this new knowledge.

My original review is HERE.

I questioned the suitability of Coraline for kids in my first review and I would to a degree take that back. In order of ascending age…

3 year old boy was befuddled a bit confused and needed special saving cuddles from Mum. This was only in response to the initial images however and the content wasn’t dwelt on.

6 year old girl liked the film, she wasn’t really understanding the subtexts but enjoyed it nonetheless.

8 year old girl was initially scared that she would be scared, quickly drawn into the fantasy world and by the end of the film I could tell her twisted little imagination was running riot. She loved it.

I sadly decried the music in the film as being nothing special. Please cut my ears off for this slur. Coraline has a strange choral soundtrack that is distinctive and brilliant. Like I said I do rather have a blind spot for this.

I still love Coraline and would recommend it to anyone. If you know your kids well I would suggest it for them also. Maybe 3 is rather young but 6 and 8 lapped it up and I wouldn’t be surprised if 8 didn’t seek out the book to read.

Paul Out.

PS I have just decided to look at some of Stephen Kings other work. Expect to see reviews coming up of Cujo, IT, Creepshow and others…

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