Friday, 1 May 2009

Cats Eye (1985)

Written by Stephen King Cats eye is a loose adaptation of three of his short stories. I am rather a fan of Mr King however I have always felt that his written work is far superior to the sometimes awful adaptations that make it to the screen. A good example of the difficulty of King to make the big screen is the Kubrik adaptation of The Shining, mishandles it would have been extremely dull but generally works. The Shining is, much like a lot of Kings books, a very slow but brilliantly written story.

The decision not to stretch the vignettes out is one that works but it does leave Cats Eye feeling rather like an anthology from the Twilight Zone with the episodic nature of the film it is natural to review episodically also.

We follow the course of a Cat (hence the total) which ties together the threads of the stories rather loosely.

Story 1 is essentially an answer to the questions “What would it take”. The treatment that is given to this is simple but brilliant. The basic rule is a four step plan “Stop smoking or

  1. we torture your wife
  2. we torture your wife and daughter
  3. we rape your wife
  4. we give up and kill you”

vlcsnap-1010837 Is this the incentive James Woods needs?

We then head into story 2 which essentially revolves around a bizarre wager again with a nice twist at the end.vlcsnap-1011307 Story 3 ends the film and stars Drew Barrymore as a child with monsters in her wall. If anything this story is the weakest but still effective and it is nice to see such low-tech (by today's standards) effects use to such a great result.vlcsnap-1011747

The film is a nice way to pass the time, not anything that will haunt your dreams or turn your hair white but certainly entertaining. If you have a spare couple of hours it wouldn’t hurt to take a look at Cats Eye.

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