Friday, 3 April 2009

Transvision Vamp: Velveteen 1989

Don't panic you haven't slipped back 20 years (is it really that long!) I thought i would diversify with a very short review on an album getting a lot of iPod time lately. Especially as i feel it is definitely a forgotten gem.

For a short time at the end of the 80s Transvision Vamp were huge. They disappeared just as quickly but this, the second of three albums, really did make a splash at the time.

11 tracks make up Velveteen being in CD order

  1. "Baby I Don't Care"
  2. "The Only One"
  3. "Landslide Of Love"
  4. "Falling For A Goldmine"
  5. "Down On You"
  6. "Song To The Stars"
  7. "Kiss Their Sons"
  8. "Born to Be Sold"
  9. "Pay The Ghosts"
  10. "Bad Valentine"
  11. "Velveteen"

Of these there are the Medicre such as Down on You, Song to the Stars and Bad Valentine, the good such as Falling for a Goldmine and Kiss Their Sons and the downright pant wettingly fucking awesome like Baby I Don't Care, Pay the Ghosts, Born to be Sold and the titular Velveteen.

The album leans towards rock with some heavy and raw guitar work but we also see an artful merging of pop mixed in there. The real maker of the songs however is Wendy James’s sultry gravelly voice. If there had ever been a successor to Bonny Tyler it would have been Wendy.

Sadly the group vanished. The splash wasn’t large enough and we had very little more. Or perhaps this is the great album that every band has in them? Either way you could do no worse then checking this album out.

Album Via "SPOTIFY" (Free) I have some invites to Beta if anyone wants one?

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