Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Titanic (1997)

Now here is a film that seems to be truly polarising with a large section of the worlds population vocally detesting it. IMDB has it rated at 7.3 out of 10. The ratings are generally high until you reach 1. 7.6% of IMDB users think this film is shit. Worse then shit. Uwe Boll standard! This is insane. People create accounts simply to knock this film.


I think what is happening here is a mixture of two effects. The primary one is backlash against emotion. I think many are surprised at just how deeply this film can reach, particularly when you take into account the occasionally poor acting and stilted dialogue. It would be like me sitting down and enjoying The Sound of Music, which as a film I cannot fault but is certainly not to my taste, when I do enjoy musicals it really a surprise and Titanic follows the same pattern. Then there are the bandwagon jumpers, the people that say its crap because it is cool to do so. These ones generally haven't even seen the film.


I love Titanic. Yes the romance is smaltzy, the film ridiculously overblown and epic, emotions are wrung from the viewer as subtly as wringing a towel. The film is about a real disaster. The relationship of Jack and Rose acts as a very needed anchor to the disaster happening and the true genius is the time spent making you care about 1 or both of these protagonists. This really adds urgency to the sinking when they are placed in peril. Without the romance the disaster is simply eye-candy.


The effects are still fantastic 12 years on. I know that there are models and I know there is CGI. I can’t tell. That's good enough for me.


Overall if you have never seen Titanic you really should give it a chance. In my opinion it is simply one of the greatest movies ever made. When you consider I hate romance and detest De’Caprio that's a very high honour indeed.

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