Sunday, 26 April 2009

Star Trek III: The Search for Spock

Despite my evil evening work schedule I’ve managed to squeeze in a viewing of The Search for Spock. This outing roughly fills the centre of the loose Spock/Genesis trilogy and is, in my opinion, grossly underestimated. The film is slow in points and often ponderous but there are several fantastic scenes and the overall storyline fills in nicely to lead up to the more generally pleasing Star Trek IV.

On the negative side I rather miss Kirsty Alley as Saavik and although Robin Curtis’s performance is good she doesn't look quite as good portraying the sexy Vulcan. The implication that the failure of the Genesis planet to work is the fault of David seems unnecessary and the plot and David's eventual fate would have been more effective without it.


Christopher Lloyd excels as Commander Kruge and the only weakness is that at times he does look rather too much like Doc Brown and Uncle Fester. This is more down the the effectiveness of the prosthetics in accentuating Lloyd rather then masking his very distinctive face and voice then to any flaws in the production or acting.vlcsnap-135628 

Speaking of acting, one scene in that stands out for me in the whole film is Kirks reaction to the death of David. As he falls back into his chair he misses it, sprawling awkwardly on the deck, the  entire scene portrays shock and bewilderment. Whether this is down to Shatners performance, Nimoys direction or Harve Bennets script I do not know. I do know that it is a genius stroke.


Of course the other standout sequence is the destruction of the Enterprise. This is brilliantly handled and shocked my young viewing companions in a way that was joy to behold. I quote Emily “They only blew up the bit that they drive from didn’t they…OH WOW THEY BLEW UP THE WHOLE SHIP, DAD THEY BLEW UP THE WHOLE SHIP”. Magic. I love introducing people to something that wonderful.


On the whole, yes, The Search for Spock isn’t ideal. However I really feel that the odd /even hypothesis fails at this stumbling block (Even numbered films = good, odd = bad) as this is far from bad.

Star Trek III: The Search for Spock is well worth searching out. (sorry bad pun)

Paul Out.

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