Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan (including Star Trek 2009 trailer)

Wow with that coming up. Well old Star Trek is going to look like so much merde eh?


I haven’t seen Star Trek (please why no subtitle?) so I wont dare to make a conclusion on it yet. It has action, spectacle and explosions. Something old Star Trek never had right?

Well they may not look as great but Star Trek will have a hell of a job usurping the best Star Trek from its well deserved throne. I speak of course of Star Trek II: The wrath of Khan.

There are several factors merging to raise The Wrath of Khan to this heady height for me. At the very primal roots of being is the score by James Horner. It is dramatic and perfectly matches the action onscreen. Horner has the power to pull all the right strings at the right times building a subconscious feel to the movie that is integral to its success.


The cast are superb, at no time does the veneer slip in their performances and even Shatners infamous KHAAAAN shout is fantastically played in the context of the scene. vlcsnap-4295064

Set design again is superb with the ship interiors and scenes such as the genesis cave fantastically realised.


Effects, for a film that came out in 1982 the effects are incredible with none of the effects bleedover seen in the pioneering Star Wars effects for example. The film takes the leaps made by Star Wars and 2001 and runs with them, giving a wonderful final result.


As a comparison to 2001 which of course I hated (and totally failed to watch a second time) this is a perfect example of a film taking a complex idea and expertly exposing every detail to the audience. The film lags at no point in its 2+ hours and the ending is poignant and ties perfectly with the foreshadowing at the beginning.


If you have seen Star Trek 2 and didn't appreciate what a masterpiece of cinema it truly is then watch again. If you haven't seen it go and do so. if you don't fall into either of the above groups then I am surely preaching to the choir.

Paul out.


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