Thursday, 23 April 2009

Nuls Points or rather Dream on for Eurovision

So here comes the event of the UK calendar of course I refer to nothing less then the FA Cup fin…. what… Eurovision? Like I'm gonna blog on that! Oh Ok then if I must.


Yes Eurovision that pinnacle of musical talent worldwide (don't ask me!) with such luminaries of Europe as Russia, Belarus and Boznia! I am astounded at the talent on show and the lyrical genius every year. Hopefully this year we will have more of this…



or even


perhaps even maybe

As long as we don't have anything truly awful. I think the worst move would be a song sang in the style of a sulky teenager, maybe sung by the winner of a glorified talent show and penned by some godawful West End musical writing hack. As long as it doesn't have repetitive lyrics, excruciating rhymes and truly gut wrenching sentiment we will be OK. You know as long as it doesn't repeat a rhyme like. "There's nothing I'm afraid of, I'll show you what I'm made of." and harp endlessly about "It being MY time" we will be OK. I wonder what we have. Lets take a look.

Oh shit. Oh well we never win anyway. It will be worth watching for Terry Wogan anyway.


You are making this up FFS! Its a good job at least the shit isn't pushing the good Doctor out of the way this year.

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