Friday, 17 April 2009

Not for YouTube (or how to incite piracy Hollywood style)

So YouTube the video site that is revolutionising the web has another exciting initiative. FULL MOVIES!!
Google Inc.'s YouTube said Thursday it is vastly expanding its library of full-length movies and TV shows it offers online, while also launching a new advertising service and adding about a dozen new content partners.
The long-form videos will be housed on a unique page at and get a "Shows" tab on the main YouTube site.
Wahey let get excited….. Well there will be nothing on there, lets see. Ooh Carrie will take a look at that one.
Oh I see we are not in America again.Silly man thinking the UK may get something for free. Oh well it can join all the music videos we were recently denied due to licensing issues.
Maybe i could go and watch South Park instead, hey that's free online isn’t it
Goddamnit. What was that thing in the news recently that did free stuff wherever you are?
Oh that's right Thanks for that! Problem solved.

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