Monday, 6 April 2009

A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors

Back to Freddy Fest now with part 3 of the epic (sarcasm fully intended) Where part 2 failed to live up to the rules set by Wes Craven in the original, this goes straight back to basics. Wes ably mans the helm for what is probably the second best film after the original.


Freddy is back and picking off the last Springwood Teens. This time he is trying a little subtlety and makes their deaths look like suicide. Only the few strong survivors are left and they are being cared for in a secure mental institution. The same institute where sometime in the 1940s a young Nun called Amanda Krueger was mistakenly locked in and repeatedly raped by a ward full of psychotic madmen. This gives birth to probably the best description of Freddy in all of the subsequent lore “The bastard son of 100 madmen”.


We also tie in brilliantly with the first film in the return of Heather Lagencamp as Nancy, we discover that her father is now a Security Guard and her mother did die on that fateful night. We also meet a mysterious nun that gives some hope that Freddy can finally be laid to rest. Once it becomes clear the Freddy is not the only person that has powers in dreams the film really gels and takes a life of its own.

Robert Englund is excellent again as Freddy with some emerging of the wit that was later to overshadow the series. We also get a glimpse of the originally intended Paedophilic nature of Krueger's life when he was simply a mortal.


A final word goes to the artful weaving of dream and reality, this is splendid and Nightmare on Elm Street 3 uses it to employ several unexpected scares.


Overall an excellent film and real fun to watch. If you wanted to stop on this you could as it closes the Freddy story quite well. However if you are greedy (like Hollywood) then join me when i review A Nightmare on Elm Street 4: The Dream Master.

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