Sunday, 5 April 2009

I don’t understand betting

Yay 3-2 to Luton Town in the Johnsons Paint Trophy that's a fiver bet won for me, yay. Little dance.

Now lets log on William Hill to get my winnings.




So I lost. £5 down the drain instead of £30 better off. Apparently because Luton won in extra time it doesn't count as a win for the bookies. That's fair enough I guess. I mean it makes them a bit richer in the short term. I say the short term because I wont be betting on footy again. Looks like its back to the National each year for me.

I often wonder how people get addicted to betting because about the only thing I ever win is debt. Its not even a big return most of the time. I went through a stage of checking out race cards after the last National. When it comes down to it the odds are often so low that you would make a tiny amount on the off chance that your nag romps in.

So to sum up I don't really get betting. Its almost like there is a company trading from misery and desperation, trying to get poor souls to give up hard earned cash in the hope of some small return all the while using every dirty trick in the book to ensure that bets can be “off” if it doesn't look promising for them.

Oh hang on maybe I do get it after all.

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