Thursday, 23 April 2009

The Godfather

I will be in trouble for this but i really must go with my gut feeling. I didn't really like it…


Now I’m not leaving it there because that really isn’t justice to the film. Although I didn't like it I did appreciate it.

The Godfather is epic, its a sprawling monolith of a film encompassing the elaborate world of mafia “family”. The central message seems to be that you cannot escape the family even if they willingly let you go and Michael Corleones transition from family war hero to Don of the Corleone clan is expertly handled by Francis Ford Coppola. The performances are spectacular and the often surprise deaths work excellently for a first viewer. Music is iconic and instantly reconiseable and set design, direction and location work are almost flawless. So why didn’t I like it?

vlcsnap-5668952 I think the main niggle for me is the pace, it creeps along at just slightly too slow a speed to drag me in. On the plus side things occur at just the right times to stop me switching off. However i don't think this was the reason for my “meh” reaction. I blame that on the characters. There was nobody in the films whose story I actually wanted to know. That's not to say they weren't well realised, but they were simply not that interesting or sympathetic.

Now before I get murdered by Rabid Corleone fans I will say again. I appreciate the Godfather. It is an excellent piece of work. Unfortunately its like coffee for me. I love the smell but I really don’t like the taste. I wonder if I can do 2 and 3?

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