Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Ghost Town (2008)

I picked up this little movie after a recommendation from Julie, a work friend. Ricky Gervaise stars an unfortunate Dentist that dies for a short while following a routine colonoscopy. He finds that he can see dead people and they want him to help. So after a while he meets a dead businessman who wants him to help split up his widow and her new boyfriend. He…..hang on….oh shit…THIS IS A ROMANTIC COMEDY!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.

Right thats out of the way. If you like Gervaise (and he certainly is like Marmite) then you will probably enjoy his portrayal of the socially inept Bert Pincus and his transition to a well rounded figure is interesting, laggy in the middle but technically good and his one liners are nice and well produced.

What I am saying is that as romantic comedies go this is a rather more digestible slice of that usually sickly pie. vlcsnap-2700578

of course being a naturally shy person with rather poor social skills i would love to see a film where guys like Pincuss get to stay as they are. It wouldn’t work though.

Thanks for reading this now stop wasting my webspace!

Paul out.


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