Saturday, 11 April 2009

Doctor Who: Planet of the Dead

Oh god where do I start.

First off lets get one thing out of the way.


Right lets start with the bad.

Sci-Fi for me works on contrast and this is the major flaw in this story. If you have real world scenes they MUST seem like real world. Bullet points follow.

  • A museum will not employ 5 guards to watch one item
  • A museum will not place an item under an unguarded roof hatch


  • The bus would have just stopped for the police
  • Why was the bus the only vehicle in the tunnel to get caught. Where is all the other traffic?
  • Since when have police been able to deploy so quickly in London?
  • Why do they deploy firearms against an unarmed burglar?


  • Why did she take a shovel on a building burglary?
  • Why did nobody in the universe notice this civilised planet get devoured and issue, like, a warning or something.
  • Fly creatures. ROFL. I have images of the shells from Ghost light. They looked better too.
  • How handy that some clamps can be used in the way they were.
  • Michelle Ryan was AWFUL.
  • They used all the fuel amazingly fast. Was he running on fumes or what?
  • Why didn’t the police force the door open at the end?
  • How did nobody else get affected by the wormhole that was 10 miles in circumference and in central London?
  • What was the point of the other passengers. We hardly saw them.
  • 2 Aliens on a ship that size?
  • Tennant may be remembered for this one.
  • The Bus CGI was dreadful.
  • How can the swarm be moving so fast they tear a hole in reality?
  • How can the swarm suddenly be moving slowly once they reach the bus?
  • Why didn’t the swarm eat the Alien ship.
  • If the alien ship inverts the outside temperature why didn’t the fly aliens cook as soon as the reached the ice cold vacuum of space?
  • What sort of an environment control system is that anyway. Why would anyone build a ship of such a bad material?
  • Lee Evans was dreadful.


  • What a massive coincidence that the one thing that the doctor needed had coincidentally gotten on the same bus and managed to escape coincidentally into a coincidental wormhole onto a planet that some creatures had coincidentally arrived on that coincidentally had a fuel source that could coincidentally be used to save the bus?

From my brother and a classic bus nerd statement

  • What on earth was an old Bristol VR with antique Wayfarer Saver ticket machine doing in London inside the Low Emissions Zone?

The Good

  • At least it was Doctor Who
  • Tennant was OK.
  • Creature CGI was nice.

I'm off to watch confidential now. If i never post again I have attempted to punch that smug twats face in (I'm sure he will mention how great he is)

I hope to god that the rest of the specials are better. If not I may lose faith altogether. The ultimate irony as the lifelong Who Fan turns his back on the show in its new era. Roll on Moffat PLEASE, only he can save us now.

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