Monday, 16 March 2009

Wii Music

To be honest I have been sitting on this a while, I enjoyed the other titles in the Wii series (Wii Sports, Wii Play, Wii Fit) and had been looking forward to this entry with anticipation and just a little drooling.

What went wrong?

You can see why the concept of Wii Music sounded so great. Lets have the “wiimote doing all sorts of cool things” could “strum a guitar” or “play it like a horn” or “shake it like a bell” what could possibly go wrong?

Well, imagine Guitar Hero. Now strip all but one button off. Make the controller smaller and sort of not at all instrument shaped. Good. Now how about stripping out the adrenaline and putting some mediocre tunes in? Excellent well done. Now we will make most of the pieces quite simple to play and very repetitive. Brilliant Wii Music!

It really is a case of wave/press in time to the beat/melody. Full Stop. Period.

So we have a very dull, very simple and very boring game. This certainly was well worth renting as it would have been bought otherwise.

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