Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Sleepaway Camp 2: Unhappy Campers

I went into this hoping to God that I wasn’t in for more of the same as the first outing was so awful. No blood, no nudity and awful acting.

The film opened with truly unremitting horror…MULLETS FROM HELL. Yes this is very, very 80s indeed.


Ok so we have mullets but the acting is better. Now for some blood. Just 5 minutes in and we are cutting tongues out with unabashed joy. 7 Minutes and the breasts appear. Yes this film has masses and masses of boobage (I think we hit double figures (pun FULLY intended)). Yay for titties.


Sleepaway Camp 2 works against all odds. It hides no surprises, 5 minutes in and the killer is revealed. But she is sort of funny and the “kids” are a joy to kill. The film does not seem to take itself anyway near as seriously as the first outing and is the better for it. Angela is likeable and fun and likes to kill dirty girls. Who doesn’t?

Some gripes however.

  1. How the hell does she get out of Psychiatric care?
  2. After which how does she get a job in the Summer Camp industry?
  3. The film has scenes in it that show some of the lads dressing in Freddy and Jason costumes. This is a stark reminder of just how cheap and what giants this film is against.
  4. Why are the kids all so old? Isn't camp for youngsters? Did I just enjoy looking at some well developed teens screwing?

Against all odds I am looking forward to part 3. Strange how things can turn around isn't it?

Now here's that boobage!



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