Sunday, 15 March 2009

Paradise Lost (Turistas) 2006

This is one of those films that make it onto my list because “I may like it” so I really went into it with my eyes shut.

The film starts in a really formulaic way, group of backpackers…blah blah blah… unexpected problem…blah blah blah … strangely welcoming locals. You get the picture. If you have seen Wolf Creek, The Ruins or any Hostel then you have seen the basic premise of this film.

At some point however the gears shift and the movie takes on a life of its own. Breaking free from its basic formula it presents a very well polished and bleak picture with some of the vilest and extreme gore I have ever seen in a mainstream movie. There are scenes which define genres, the Saw scene in Saw, Head on a Stick from Wolf Creek or Kevin Bacon getting skewered in Friday the 13th. This one is truly brutal with the worst death I have seen for a long time.


Decades seem to spawn horror genres with the 80s the Slasher ruled, then the 90s bought us serial killers and parody, in the 00s it seems to be the turn of the Backpacker Killers, however if they are more like this and Ruins and less like Hostel its really no bad thing.

I recommend taking a look at this one, just bring a bucket if you are weak stomached.

As a bonus i had a strange feeling of familiarity whenever the villain of the piece was on scene. I finally realised…it’s Nick Knowles and he's even doing some DIY!


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