Monday, 23 March 2009

Mum and Dad (2008)


vlcsnap-4413365 This one is a bit of a radar sneaker (as in under the!). Mum and Dad is a very low budget horror partly funded by the BBC and the UK National Lottery. This leaves me a little torn from the start low budget often means crap in my book but Brit films spark something in me that American stuff just cant touch. Maybe it is the familiarity?


Mum and Dad starts off very solidly. For a budget film cinematography is good if a little traditional, nothing particularly inventive or radical and in this sense the budget really does show its limits. The most noticeable omission is the lack of incidental music, in a way this is quite nice as this is one of the first films for a long time that I could watch at a reasonable volume without the music drowning out the dialogue. Music does play a part later adding some impetus when it is needed without having to make too much effort which does excuse the noticeable void at the start.

The story is very simple. Migrant worker ends up in Cromwell Road style house. With this in mind I found it very difficult to get into the film as it does become very graphic and without a reason to care (apart from the plight of the protagonist) does risk losing the audience through this. I do have a strong stomach but gore for gores sake does often mar a film it for me.

I think that is where the film fails for me. The gore took my mind from the plight of Lena and I wasn’t quite sure if i was meant to be disgusted by it or enthralled.


This is very British and I’m guessing wont make great waves elsewhere but as a little movie that shows that film in the UK is alive and well it does its job. Of course it needed more nudity but overall it wasn’t the worst way of spending an evening.


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