Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Lego Indiana Jones (Wii)

This is a great game, interactive with a generally good learning curve. Graphics are spanking and the characters and cut scenes really evoke the spirit of both Lego and Indy, no mean feat!.

The controls are intuitive and well suited to the Wiimote and Nunchuck and accuracy feels good. The wiimote is sort of used in that you can whip etc by making the motions but to be honest its just as easy to press the button.

Depth seems great also with many hidden things to find and I'm sure that an owner of the game would keep coming back to complete extras and find that elusive hidden secret. Another great facet is that you never die, lives don't exist you just lose loot. This makes it very playable for my kids (7,6 and 3) as they never get frustrated with sudden game overs.

As always in the world of games there are minuses. The greatest flaw in LIJTAA, as i will insist on calling it from now on, is the sudden roadblocks you hit where you cant for the life of you figure out what the hell to do. Don't get m wrong I'm not confusing the learning curve or anything however when you effortlessly cruise through a level and then reach a point where you have no idea how to move on it is frustrating in the extreme. Fortunately I am not averse to using walkthroughs and this has helped no end. It even helped me with spotting that the game had brukked (Tech term) at the climax of level 3.1. Of course with no save until level end that's a part of the game i need to play AGAIN!

So to sum up a great game with some major (surmountable) flaws, the up most being level completion only save points (come on this isn't the 80s!) and a constant need to find out how to progress.

overall: recommended if you are good at googling, how the hell do I...., and a great bit of fun. I doubt it will challenge the hardcore gamer at all though.

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