Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Halloween 5: The revenge of Michael Myers

This film starts quite promisingly with a retread of the previous movies penultimate climax. Michael is buried in a Mineshaft, however in true Saturday matinee style it cuts to show him escaping and being “saved” by a hillbilly shack man.

Jamie is back (char actor not Lee-Curtis) and it is nice to see pleasance back as Loomis again. Giving a continuity that often lacks in these long running series.

It is implied that Myers is now a resurrected Zombie and that his Niece Jamie has a link to him. True to the climax of the last film it is apparent that she stabbed her stepmother and is living in a home / sanatorium. She is now mute.

The film moves nicely adding a new character in the form of a mysterious stranger but it is crippled by a low body count and a generally plodding and sometime unlikely plot. It also has that most bizarre blood, guts but no nudity rule that seems to pervade American cinema. Heaven forbid showing a stray nipple, full penetrative sex with no nudity is just, well, wrong!

One of the strengths of the Halloween films for me is the acceptance by the locals that Michael does exist. The fact that in this one they are less then inept again damages the overall picture. There is even a “we are crap cops” line and a little comedy score for their appearances.

Overall i struggled to maintain interest in this, a few flaws ruining what could have been a surprisingly good fourth film in the Michael  Myers saga with a really nice final twist.

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