Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Coast: Dover to Exmouth (s1.1)

Coast is one of those ideas that sound absolutely fantastic, and when it stands still it is.

The beauty and majesty of the southern coastline is explored in this first episode heading all the way from Dover to Exmouth but it never really feels like it settles anywhere. Dover is touched on with no mention of the Castle, then we are whisked across to Portsmouth for a quicj navel lesson, onto Alderny and a concentration camp tutorial then away to the Jurassic coast and Lulworth cove and Weymouth.

For a series about the coast it seems to show so little of it. Hopefully in the later episodes we will return to retread missed gems but so far it seems more about the jouney then the destinations and that is a shame. I would have love to see Portland Bill or explore the Smugglers Caves I remember as being in Dorset.

In conclusion what it does it does very well indeed. Its what its missing that lets it down.

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