Thursday, 5 March 2009

Animal Crossing: Lets go to the City (City Folk)

If I was asked to describe Animal Crossing in one word it would be "Odd" if I had two to use it would be "Very odd".

Animal crossing started out life as a rather odd little gamecube game. In a way it is like an RPG without monsters. You have a character that lives and breathes in the village you make. This little fella (or fellette (matron)) runs around gathering fruit, fossils etc and selling them to the nefarious shop owner Tom Nook. You can also donate fossils, fish, insects and paintings to the Museum.

This game shouldn't work. You really do very little but i is so much fun to be in your little community and the younger ones have been known to get upset when a virtual neighbor moves away.

This essence is unchanged from previous versions, as you would expect on the wii graphics are very pretty but not amazing, control uses the wiimote... if you want. What is added here is the ability to "Go to the city" where shops galore will empty your pockets of hard earned cash!

The game falls down rather in that it is overly protective again. Online play is limited to people that you have added as friends visiting your village or vice versa. The real opportunity to have the City as an online meeting place has been missed completely.

Overall though AC:LGTC (what is it with Nintendo and long names?) is great fun to play and will be one of those games you will revisit over and over. You wont quite know why.

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