Thursday, 26 April 2007

Lost: D.O.C.

This week we revolve around the Korean girl Sun. Juilet tells her the news about her child, if it was conceived outside the island then she may take it to term. On the Island she will die....

Sun can't win with this, if it is Jins she will die.

There is a problem with last weeks parachutist, she is dieing with a punctured lung. Then the most unlikely of sources arrives to help. Seriously this one will leave you scratching your head.

Juliet and Sun travel to the Medical Station where a secret room is revealed, Sun has an ultrasound. She is happy with what is found however it may affect her.

The episode closes with an absolutely stunning statement confirming that help really will not be on the way.

This is a corker of an episode with a weaker backstory, however you do get a little more insight into Jin and Suns past.
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