Saturday, 14 April 2007

Doctor Who: Gridlock

This ain't no upwardly mobile freeway.

Well I'm afraid Russell has let me down with this one, after churning out futuristic crap after futuristic crap with poorly characterised pussies and the Face of Bo'Selecta he turns it all on its head by writing something good. Yes good!

From the word go the Doctor is overcompensating. If he had a car it would be an Aston Martin he so keen to impress. He neglects to mention the fact that he blew Gallifrey to dust in the Time War and really paints a wonderful picture of it as a holiday location, boy bet that bites him right in the arse!

Yeah the ending was a bit contrived and those poor swine's have go one hell of a clean-up to do however the big old face karking it did bring a tear and the enigmatic "You are not alone" was brilliantly executed.

So far this series hasn't put a step wrong for me. I can forgive New Earth if this quality keeps up. However I'm pretty certain that those awful Brooklyn accents in next weeks show will grate after about...well actually within the space of the trailer. Maybe its revenge for Dick Van Dyke?

Bring on the Dustbins.

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