Monday, 23 April 2007

Doctor Who: Daleks in Manhattan

From the initially poor start of a crappy title and a really nasty spoiler in the Radio Times (by the way this whole review is a spoiler for non UK readers please be aware) we are in with a bang, spot the CGI on the glorious aerial shot of New York c1930 and the theatre frontage, its there but golly its good.

We then go backstage at the theatre where a touching scene swings rapidly to almost horror. In a scene very hackneyed in horror movies I was left watching the kids to see how they responded to the fake scare followed by the real one. I can honestly say that it was so well executed that if the pig had been right there I would have jumped, never mind the kids. I get the impression the actual scare was reeled in. Effective nonetheless though.
Throughout this episode you really get why The Doctor loves mankind so much. They have nothing but themselves and still they stay hopeful. The Human spirit. I also loved the touches to characterisation. The way that he waits for permission before he even enters Solomons "Hovel", his determination to help them against what , to him, is an unknown threat. This is vintage Doctor Who in all but name.
I even learnt something about the depression. Something that is oft mentioned when discussing America between the wars but never really explained to anyone outside the US.
I am eager to see the conclusion of this one next week. Who would have thought an expected turd could be polished so well!
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