Monday, 23 April 2007

Cannibal Holocaust (UK Cut)

I was lead to this film because of its rumoured nastiness and shock value. True to form it started with a bang but not anything that could turn the stomach of a hardened nasty like myself.
The film gets grim, very grim, people are being very nasty to other people and not just the savages. At the end you certainly don't feel sorry for the filmmakers anymore.
I wont comment on the film too greatly as without a great long spiel full of spoilers this would be very difficult however in the form of points:
  • The film is far slicker and well polished then I expected for a video nasty, it swings from fairly obvious prosthetic gore (false skin, blood bags etc) to what looks like real (animal i guess) viscera.
  • There are really three sections to the story, the anthropologists search for the four filmmakers, the review of the footage and the footage itself.
  • The version I saw seemed slightly inconsistent this of course is explained by the UK nanny state, from IMDB The film became one of the most notorious video nasties and was unavailable in the UK for many years. The current version from VIPCO (VHS and DVD), rated 18, is heavily cut by 5 minutes 44 secs by the BBFC and removes all footage of genuine animal killings and mutilation, as well as editing the rape scenes and the infamous torture scene with the spiked mud-ball.
  • Please be aware that this 27 year old film really is still as controversial and disturbing as it was then. It is also surprising good for a "Video Nasty" and more in the league of Evil Dead then Driller Killer.
Overall if you have a strong stomach and love your gore with a bit of social commentary then check it out. Otherwise avoid, you wont like it.
I watched buy it here or rent by post

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