Tuesday, 15 November 2005

More vomit, sleep, dummies and back to work

Well he done it again last night, midnight feed he ruins my dr who commemorative Radio Times :(. I think he is going to be a two mouthfulls and a burp baby!

After that though he slept until aboy 630 so my wife had a great nights sleep and i had a reasonable night and quite some day too :) I'd forgotton just how tired they can make you feel. It doesnt help that I also have a cold. (too much relaxing, see My Observations blog for how I think that works)

We've also discoved that this one is the one to take dummies (pacifiers). I hate them but i'd rather shove that in his mouth to calm him then have him all wound up. Once he is older it will dissapear.

Finally im back to work tonight. 1500 to 2300, its my last four days in my old job before i go to the new shiny one and my boss for the night is worried as I referr to the office now as "My Playground".

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