Monday, 14 November 2005

Feeding and crying

Daniel is settling in really well now, he is a very odd feeder though.

He spends hours on the breast and comes of unsatified but can down a 4oz bottle in minutes (expressed or formula) and go straight to sleep. He is also a wind machine (takes after his daddy!).

It's looking like me may end up switching to bottle, its not as convenient as breast but if a feed is going to take 2 hrs or 15 mins i know which one to go for.

The wife feels a bit down about it, I think she feels she has failed in a way. The way i see it though is that we managed the first two, if he doesnt want it the alternatives are there and at least we tried.

On the plus side she gets me helping.

On the minus side I can report on the smelly poo situation :D not scientific but what the hey!
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