Thursday, 13 October 2005

Friday the 13th Part 3: The 3d crapfest

Ok so I gallop on from part 2 hungry for more.

Great jason is not dead up he gets and goes on another rampage.

The film is poor though, its full of "ooooh look 3d" type gimmicks that relly annoy as the film isnt 3d on dvd. The kids are essentially unlikeable, there is no obligatory nudity and the deaths are fairly uninspired. Jason also again has superhuman strength which is annoying considering his seemingly "human" status in this one.

He does get his mask though from the groups joker and a legend/icon is born. The film ends with the apparent death of Jason with an axe to the head. Where do we go from here, is he really dead? Opinion is divided on the matter but jason will be back. In the rather more enjoyable "The Final Chapter" (I wonder if i can sue paramount/newline on this?)

I got JasonX today so soon my quest will be complete. dont worry i will post in order. If anyone is reading this that is.........
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