Thursday, 13 October 2005

Friday the 13th Part 1: The foolish quest begins

So the idiotic mission I set myself began. After watching all of the Nightmare series I decided that it would be a laugh to watch Friday the 13th. From the start. All of them. Mainly as I had always had a kind of revulsion for them.

Starting with part 1 it initially struck me how different the film was from how I remembered the series and how bloody the whole thing was. Very effective indeed. It also looks very, very dated. More a product of the seventies then the eighties I remember so well.

Overall its a very enjoyable film though. It isn't till later you begin to wonder how pamela manages to move the bodies (including hurling one through a window) she must be stronger then she looks.

A good first outing I'm feeling that it maybe was a good idea to watch them all. Little did I know I would grow to regret it...........
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