Wednesday, 26 October 2005

American Pie presents Band Camp

This outing is a straight to DVD effort featuring Matt Stifler (stiflers younger brother) (the little fella that shouted FUCKERS FUCKERS FUCKERS in the first film) and his punishment of Band Camp. This is set by the school councilor improbably played by The Sherminator.

That leads to the crux of this film, improbable. Its a stirring tale about not being an arse an being yourself will win the girl.

The only good thing about the film WAS the girl, there are some real beauties on display but as a teen flick revolving around sex and grossness there was very little of either on display. There wasn't a huge amount in the other film, don't get me wrong, BUT the characterizations were very strong.

Sorry but this film as a strong smell of Cash-in permeating its very pores, in fact its not even an official part 4.

Watch the trilogy, watch this as a curiosity but don't expect too much.
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